Law Offices of Larry K. Reynolds

Business Law

Starting a business requires meticulous and comprehensive planning. Issues such as entity formation, entity formality compliance, financial planning, tax implications, and potential liabilities must be carefully considered when creating a business. The Law Offices of Larry K. Reynolds dedicates itself to guiding clients through the process of selecting the entity type best suited to your business goals and then the creation of the entity. Larry K. Reynolds has a comprehensive understanding of corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, non profit organizations, and partnerships. Larry K. Reynolds assists with the organizational process and the filing of documents required by regulatory agencies.

The Law Offices of Larry K. Reynolds can serve as your entity’s legal counsel. As your corporate counsel, Larry K. Reynolds provides advice and advocacy on entity minutes, annual corporate filings, share issuance, employment contracts, non compete agreements and board of directors formations, among other issues and contracts with key vendors or customers.